Final Fantasy XIV: End of an Era - ANSWERS

As I watched the new trailer for final fantasy XIV, Like many of you I was amazed at the power of the song ANSWERS in the backdrop of this huge battle scene. What an amazing contrast of beauty and tragedy playing out on the screen.


I have to tell you guys that I was so honored to work on this song with Arnie Roth and Nobuo Uematsu.  From the first time I heard the song in my own studio, I knew it had the potential to be an epic song for Final Fantasy. Between Nobuo’s amazing songwriting & Arnie’s careful production, they had created a musical masterpiece.  Now my job began. To sing this song with as much passion and intention as the story inspired.  That is always my goal when I sing. Forget about all the technical things and just close your eyes … get lost in the music, sing from the heart.  I hope you can hear that when you listen to ANSWERS in Final Fantasy XIV.  It was a magical experience to be a part of this recording and to be on the game itself.  I was so blessed for the opportunity.


I know how much this music means to all of you who are fans of Final Fantasy. I want you to know what an honor it is for me to deliver these songs to you.  Whether at a live show or on a recording, I hope I bring the characters and story of the game to life with my voice.  Music is such a powerful form of expression. It can take us on a journey, challenge our ideas, heal our wounds, comfort our souls, inspire us, and light a fire under our dreams.  As a recording artist and songwriter in my own right, this is what music is all about for me. I can’t wait for you guys to hear my new CD that is coming out in 2013.  I hope I can inspire you all with my Susan music in the same way I have hopefully inspired you with the amazing music of Final Fantasy. Thank you for the privilege of sharing my talent with you.  You have all inspired ME beyond words.  And just like the trailer reminds us, every end is a chance for a new beginning.  No matter what, keep reaching for your dreams. We are all stronger today than we were yesterday . .  and we will be even stronger tomorrow.


Much love to you all , xoxo     Suz

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    I can’t help but cry when i listen to this T_T
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